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31 Oct

Sukabumi, Indonesia – A Right Destination to Everyone

Sukabumi Indonesia, is getting more and more popular in today’s hospitality industry. It is one of largest areas in West Java with 47 sub districts and Pelabuhan Ratu as the capital city. The name Sukabumi literarily means “like to live”, which refers to the liking of people to stay in this natural area. This area has a long journey in the history of Indonesia. Sukabumi was once the place where the colonial police academy was built during Dutch colonial times. More Dutch people and European came to reside in the area in 1914 who later became the owners of the plantations. These former foreigners in Sukabumi got special service from the locals.

The Beauty of Sukabumi Indonesia
Besides its important role in the history of Indonesia, Sukabumi is a popular tourist destination to local and overseas tourists. The majority of local tourists come from Jakarta after two and a half hour drive. The rest come from Bandung, Bogor, and other neighboring areas. With the various types of tourist attractions available, there are always a significant number of tourists visiting this beautiful city. The marine tourism of Sukabumi Indonesia stands out. Sukabumi has the most popular Pelabuhan Ratu, Karang Hawu Beach, Cimaja beach, Minajaya Beach, Citepus Beach, Cibangbang Beach, and Ujung Genteng Beach.

If you opt to enjoy the atmosphere of mountains, you may enjoy visiting Salak Mountain, Halimun  Mountain, Goalpara plantation, Lalay cave, Buni Ayu cave, Gunung Gede national park, Cinumpang camping ground or Pondok Halimun camping ground. In general, there are tons of recreational and sports activities you can do in Sukabumi; they include fishing, surfing, diving, off-road, hunting, and rafting. Besides, you can also join the thanksgiving ceremony that is annually held by the locals after harvest as a way to show their gratitude to God. Sukabumi Indonesia has something for everyone. Always equip yourself with Sukabumi travel guide book in your every visit to this place.