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Pelabuhan Ratu Villa
31 Oct

Reasons Why You Must Visit Pelabuhan Ratu

Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi is a region in West Java Province. This area has long been known as a tourist destination by domestic and overseas tourists. Compared to other tourist destinations in West Java like the popular Bandung, Pelabuhan Ratu is quite unique due to the myth growing in this area. The myth is about the existence of Nyi Roro Kidul, a mystical figure that is highly regarded by the locals especially those that fish in the nearby seas. Annually, the locals hold traditional ritual to respect this figure in order to gain safety, mercy, and prosperity. However, this myth is not the only reason tons of tourists visit this place.

Favorite Places in Pelabuhan Ratu
Pelabuhan Ratu is home to a number of exotic beaches. The beach is a typical rocky beach that is usually found in West Java. From the edge of the sea, you can take a stroll with your loved one while enjoying wonderful scenery of waves in the blue ocean. This surely leaves peace to everyone who sees. Such a nice landscape is what you can witness in Simpenan, Kertajaya Village where the famous Loji Beach is located. The beach is dominated with attractive corals, stones, and black sand. If you are bored of the serenity of the beach, you can visit a nearby vihara named Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa which is located on top of the hill. From the holy place, you can enjoy a fabulous sightseeing of the Loji beach from above.

Besides Loji Beach, there is also a favorite, romantic spot to visit, which is Karang Perahu. This place resembles the shape of a boat (perahu) and provides an artistic background for pre-wedding picture taking with white clouds and hills. For more, Pelabuhan Ratu is home to preserved forest, mountain, and rivers. Other tourist attractions you can visit in this area include Seavibes, Batu Guram, Samudra Beach, Karang Sari, Karang Haji, Cimaja, Indicator, Sunset Beach, Ujung Genteng, and Ombak Tujuh. The best time to visit this area is from May to October when many professional surfers show their expertise in conquering the big waves of Pelabuhan Ratu.